It is our proud that Bangladesh produces the best quality of Jute in the world. Once upon a time a huge quantity of jute produced in our country and Bangladesh earned a lot of foreign currency by export raw jute and some kind of jute products. But unfortunately the demand and production of jute decreased. Because the farmer did not get production cost and some alternate items involved instead of jute. It is good news to us that the demand of first world is changing. People are interested to use eco-friendly product like jute in all sector. In this connection we are inspired to work with jute. As the jute is absolutely eco-friendly and natural element that’s why we have decided to set up the name of our company is “Natural Handicrafts”.

Our factory is situated at the rural area. Most of our products are handmade. Villagers especially women are more interested and laborious to work in this sector. We always intend to recruit the disability and indigent woman in our factory. Once a week we arrange training program by an expert to increase their efficiency. It is our main objective to teach them how to be solvent.

We always careful about health care facilities of our workers. One of our enlisted Doctor visits our factory once a month for medical checkup of all workers. He suggests about the nutritious food which are available in village. We also teach them about the use of safe water and sanitation. For that reason, the workers of our factory are more efficient and more productive.

Education is bound to all of our illiterate workers. Every morning/evening we teach them for one hour. We just prepare them how to read or write and calculate. We also careful to the children of our workers. We give free book, paper, pencil/pen and dress to their school going students if necessary.

Recreation is an important part for human being. We arrange cultural program and serve special food to our workers on some occasions like Bengali New Year, international mother language day, Independence Day, Victory day etc. We make them all to think them as family member each other.

As a result we get an excellent output of our product. As our vision, we feel proud to make our workers efficient, educated and solvent.